Why support Made In France ASMR channel?


Supporting me gives you access to my exclusive videos, such as:

  • Behind The Scenes (Light, Camera, Sound setups)
  • Long Version (1 hour / 45min version of some videos)
  • Your NAME mentioned (Occasionally, when the script makes sense to mention a list of name)
  • Early access to videos (Occasionally)

💡 Creating new original HQ content 💡

What I want is to be able to create original videos with high quality content much more often.
By these I mean videos like The Tingle Village (Roleplay Series), the Iceland Series, etc.

Here are all the things I would like to be able to do in the future:

  • More Roleplays from The Tingle Village
  • Collaboration with other ASMRtists, like with Sandra Relaxation ASMR
  • More Exclusive Videos (Behind The Scenes, Long Version)
  • Short-films with an entire ASMR treated audio (voice, sound design, music, etc)
  • Live stream on YouTube or Twitch someday
  • Web-radio or something continuously streaming
  • ASMR outdoors while travelling, in different countries as I did in Iceland

🗓️ Keeping the frequency of uploads 🗓️

I always give more importance to quality over quantity. That is why I currently upload only once a week, sometimes twice. But people who watch ASMR like you and me enjoy having constantly access to new content. Watching the same ASMR videos can lead to become insensitive to it.
I would like to be able to upload as much as you want, keeping the same level of quality if not raising it.
I will have to spend all my « working time » doing that. As recording ASMR videos is a big passion, it will for sure not be a problem, besides that I will need to earn enough money to make a living.

✅ I built an ASMR recording STUDIO

I now live in a house with my family, which includes an outhouse. I built a recording studio in this outbuilding to make ASMR Videos.

Building an ASMR dedicated recording studio allows me much more than you think:

  • Equipment already set up => more time to record several videos in the aftermath, during DAY TIME.
  • Phonic Isolation => perfect sound with no reverberation.
  • Complex recording setup (more than 5 mics, etc)
  • Building Set Design & Use of Green Screen => as I’ve been professionally trained in filmmaking techniques, I know how to deal with it and make it look cinematic.
  • 2 Camera angles, or more if this investment allow me to grow the income of this channel and buy another new camera (BMPCC).
  • Collaboration with other ASMRtists (I used to film in my bedroom, it was impossible for me to have any guest)

Making it profitable

I had the phonic isolation done by a professional company, which was the biggest part (& most expensive) of the studio: 25 320 € (about 29K US$).
Then I paid about 2583 € (3K US$) of interior layout (acoustic foam, black paint, lights, vinyl flooring, white and chroma green backgrounds, etc…).

So YES, it’s HUGELY expensive. But guys, I LOVE making ASMR Videos and I love doing it for YOU.

How much to give invest

No matter how much you decide to donate, I don’t take it as a gift. It is YOUR investment for your OWN relaxation and well-being, and I will make sure to carry out these projects to offer you what YOU deserve.

Direct one-time donation via PayPal, the most easy way to support this channel. You give the amount you want, but no reward except my infinite thanks.

All exclusive content mentioned on top, plus custom emojis and cool loyalty badges, directly on YouTube.

All exclusive content mentioned on top, with monthly donation.

Special features for ASMR content playing, like sleep timer, locking screen, no ad.


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