How it all started, until now, and what's next.

Yo les cocos.

I am a french male filmmaker doing ASMR videos since 21th May 2014. All my studies on Cinematographic & Sound Design allow me to produce the best Sounds & Visuals I can to relax people, help them sleep or focus.

I first discovered ASMR early 2013. I was losing myself on YouTube when I came across a tapping / unboxing video from TheWaterwhispers. I immediately felt some tingles over my head, and knew that it was something familiar, a sensation I already felt during my childhood.

1 year later, I randomly got the idea to film something I wanted to do: mixing several Lush product together to create a new cosmetic product for myself. After filming, I decided to let the files on a back shelf…

5 months after that, I finally resolved to edit the video. Not because I was inspired. Because it was a few days before high school final exam! I usually get creative when I have to do something (homework, urgent deadline, etc). High school final exam was the biggest « deadline pressure » I felt in my life at this time. That is why I created my YouTube channel « Made In France ASMR ». One week before final exam was perfect time for me to start new projects and give myself the maximum of excuses not to study.

Making movies is my dream.

After high school, I entered a film school in Paris, the ESRA (École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle), where I graduated majoring in Film Directing.

Making movies is my dream since middle school. I loved (and still does) watching behind the scenes in DVDs or BluRays, understand how each shot was made. Between middle school and film school, I’ve made a dozen of amateur short films. I’ve tried different genres: horror, experimental, comedy, music video, etc.

At the ESRA, I got a professional training in audiovisual professions. I’ve been able to write and direct my first professional short film following a professional workflow, with a full crew (30 people from my year group), real actors, professional equipment (camera, lights, grip, etc) and logistic (editing room, mixing studio, etc), original score and all. I have to say, that was the best experience of my life.

Meanwhile, I kept creating ASMR videos for my growing community, benefiting from the knowledge I learned at the film school.

Bringing ASMR and fiction movie together is my ultimate goal.

I still love working in film industry. Sometimes, I am called for a film shooting, as a technician (light, camera) or first assistant director, where I can dive in a flow state of mind. This is a very human experience, I meet a lot of new great people, the team spirit is powerful. Being under the orders of someone does not bother me, it allows me to give myself thoroughly (technician). Having a lot of responsibilities and giving orders (director, first AD) is another role I love taking, in order to lead a team to produce the best piece of work possible, always on time.

On the other hand, I love doing ASMR videos in my own recording studio, staying alone with myself, keeping control of everything that it takes, and taking my time to make things perfect. As a perfectionist, I can be struggling with getting the perfect shot, light or sound. That is why I can’t stop myself from raising the level each time I create a new video.

The ASMR community is a very caring community. Helping people doing what I love, and earn a living from it, is the best thing that can happen in my life. That is also why I give myself thoroughly to offer the best I can. Bringing ASMR and fiction movie together is my life goal, and I am currently working on it.

Maxence Rodier – Made In France ASMR

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